Brittany Reedman: Daring Dumpster Diver


It’s vital that we reduce our waste for the planet’s sake. But in a bid to combat Australia’s waste problem, would you go as far as eating food that has been dumped in a bin?

Dumpster diving can both help reduce waste and help you to save your pennies as it involves rescuing and utilising food and other free products from dumpsters that would otherwise go to waste.

Brittany Reedman goes ‘diving’ regularly. She often finds an abundance of perfectly good food which she shares with friends and creates into meals for Sydney’s homeless community. Join us as we dive into the world of dumpster diving.

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Anita Vandyke: Zero Waste Warrior


With both Woolworths and Harris Farm banning the bag in the news headlines, I thought there would be no better time to speak to zero-waste advocate Anita Vandyke.

Juggling her time between her roles as an aerospace engineering and medical student, Anita runs a very successful Instagram account where she shares all things zero-waste. She explains that living a lifestyle that focuses on reducing plastic consumption isn’t hard, particularly when it aligns with her values and beliefs on the importance of caring for the planet.

She spoke with me about Australia’s throw-away attitude and shared some advice on how you can start producing less rubbish and living a more meaningful life.

You can find Anita on Instagram at @rocket_science, because being conscious about your environmental impact isn’t rocket science!


Podcast Theme Track: Under The Pressure – War On Drugs

The Intentionalist on location: The 52-week Fashion Cycle


On this episode of The Intentionalist Podcast, I’m on location to find out about the unfashionable truth to fast fashion.

When we think of pollution, the clothing on our bodies isn’t what first comes to mind. Despite there only being four seasonal changes each year, brands are now marketing clothes in a 52-Week fashion cycle.

The life of every garment ultimately ends with disposal and the current trends for throw-away fashion is damaging the environment, ultimately accelerating carbon emissions and global warming.

I had the chance to speak with Marina Debris a self-proclaimed “Artivist” and eco warrior, Lisa Heinz a sustainable fashion expert and author, and Jo Lamble a clinical psychologist in Sydney. Tune in to find out more.


Podcast Theme Track: Under The Pressure – War On Drugs